The Fuel Company specializes in recuperating taxes and excise duties from foreign fuel purchases. Our tax experts are well aware of the labyrinth of laws and regulations regarding VAT & excise duty returns. We can help you get your returns faster and reduce your administrative workload. We can also finance your returns enabling you to improve cashflow & liquidity. That is just one more way we can help you FUEL your business!

The Fuel Company offers the following VAT and Excise duty services:

  • Financing of foreign VAT;
  • Scheduled payments of recuperated VAT;
  • Excise duty services in Belgium
  • VAT return filing services in most European countries;

Toll Services

The Fuel Company offers toll solutions against competitive fees with attractive discounts. The toll transactions are invoiced on a weekly basis with the fuel transactions.

The Fuel Company partners with the following toll providers:

  • Eurotoll
  • Toll Collect
  • Esso Card

A choice can be made between a toll card or a (built-in) transponder box.